You Just Started Working From Home and Now You are Worried About Your Weight and Eating Habits. Ah!

This is one that many have been struggling with over the past few months. One day you were going to work, you felt organized and you had ROUTINE.

That’s what you need to do at home! Create a routine: let me ask you this, do you roll out of bed at 8:30, quickly splash water in your face, brush your teeth, throw on a professional top and make it just in time for your 9 AM WebEx meeting? You must be thinking how do I know?!

Because I did it! When you do that you forget to eat breakfast, you feel rushed and when you . I want you to break the habit by doing this. Set your phone alarm to a nice calming ring to wake you up 1-hour before your meeting, get yourself ready and presentable to be on camera. Then put together an effortless breakfast (which you can get here).

By that time you’ll have approximately 20-minutes to ease into the day, gather your thoughts and have a chance to transition from sleep into “work” mode.

If you need a little inspiration please take my FREE webinar to help get you started on your wellness journey! Plus download the worksheets I have provided so that you can start prioritizing your tasks and identify times where you can focus on YOUR health and wellness!

But in the meantime I will give you a brief synopsis of my Six Pillars to Planning for your Nutrition and Wellness.

Step One: Establish the Time

We have 24 hours in the day and I want you to figure out the time you need to accomplish the tasks you have in hand. Block out general times that take up a bulk of your day. For example, 10PM – 6 AM sleep, 6 AM – 8 AM getting ready for work etc… You can further fine tune the times after you get the general gist of planning set. You also want to establish a time to get this list done! Give yourself 15-30 minutes to do that!

Step Two: Schedule the Essentials

These are the items that you need to do in a week. This can be work related or both. I want you to ask yourself what are those staples that you must have done. (For example: Grocery shopping, pay the bills, go to work etc…)

Step Three: High Priority

Here are the items that you need to do every day. I recommend setting up a To Do list the night before for the following day so that you know what you must accomplish. Is taking a lunch break on your list? HERE is where I want you to take charge of your health. What is a HIGH PRIORITY for you? Is it weight loss? Is it reducing stress? Is it developing a plan that prevents you from snacking all day?

Step Four: Plan for Emergencies

Life happens! You can certainly plan on that! Here you can also plan on what is a time suck tat prevents you from getting your work accomplished. Is it a person who calls you with negativity? Is it mindless surfing on the web? Identify those items that really prevent you from moving forward and address ways you can combat them.

Step Five: Discretionary Time

I want you to plan time for YOU. Anything that makes you happy. It can be a personal goal or a favorite pass time activity!

Step Six: Test Drive

Not everything is set in stone! Did your plan actually work? Were you able to accomplish everything you had set out to do. If no, what were the time sucks, or unrealistic expectations you were giving yourself. Tweak it, revise and test drive it again. You’ll be happy you did!

I’d love to know how this worked for you by commenting, “This Worked!” down below!

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