Are You Having a Hard Time Organizing your Time? The Six-Pillars to Planning and How to Fit Your Nutrition, Wellness and Everything in Between Your Busy Day!

Hello and Welcome Beautiful Friends! This webinar is designed to get you started on how to effectively and efficiently plan so that you have time for your nutrition and wellness!

By the end of this 10-minute webinar you’re going to be able to:

+ Identify 1-2 times throughout the day devoted to what makes you feel fulfilled a accomplished 

+ How to organize your activities based on your personal and/or professional level of importance all the while including one to two wellness activities

+ Demonstrate ways to organize your days utilizing tools and strategies to make you

The journey starts in making TIME for you to work towards your nutrition goals. This webinar will help you to really identify where you need to spend your time and identify “time-sucks” that prevent you from accomplishing what you really want.

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Download my FREE worksheet to get you started and be sure to keep it handy throughout the webinar!

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