Hi, I'm Christa

And I love food. I know, I know! A dietitian is not “supposed” to love food but it’s not true! I enjoy everything about my lifestyle and food choices. I can confidently tell you that you can have it all. My number one mission is to have others experience the same joy that I have around food, movement and wellbeing. I’ve noticed over the years that stress, digestion, energy and a clear roadmap have severely impacted the health and wellbeing of so many. These factors have prohibited many of my clients to feel their best and gain the confidence to feel good in their own skin. Sometimes we compare ourselves to others (let me know if you’ve been a victim to that, I have). The truth is, you are your own success story and your journey and experiences are unique to you, just like what your nutrition plan should be.


I want you to start living your best life.


I know you’re frustrated and downright discouraged about all the failed attempts you’ve taken on improving your health and wellbeing. You’re tired of feeling like a mouse on a wheel. Which is why my programs are built on my four-pillars of: Nutrition Confidence Building, Roadmap Strategy,  Partner Coaching and Bird’s Eye View Assessment. 



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What Else Do I Offer?

Below include other services as part of my practice:

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