Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Imagine Having These Three Things

ONE: Sustained Results

You know where you’re going. Each day you will have a clearly defined goal with the right information. You know that when you stay on this course you will no longer be confused and frustrated. Plus, you are comforted in knowing that your roadmap and plan is unique to meet precisely what you want and need to meet your nutrition goals. .

TWO: Motivation

Imagine having tools and assessments that will give you better energy, improved digestion and a clear brain to reach your weight loss goals? These tools will also help you realize how to reach, sustain and maintain your results because you’ll be able to feel the difference before and after the start of your nutrition program.

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THREE: Individualized Roadmap

Having a cheerleader who does weekly check-ins and provides inspiration, accountability and a sound board to keep you checking off the successes you will accomplish. Plus, 24/7 access to Christa through her Practice Better App. This process with Christa will give you the confidence to STOP comparing yourself to others weight loss journey. You’re going to be able to focus on who you are, what works for you AND become successful at it.

Did you know, that you are NOT what you eat? And that a meal plan is NOT the solution for your weight loss? Stop the comparison game and sabotaging your confidence.


You probably believe that a meal plan alone would work for you because you’ve compared yourself to the person who lost weight on a particular diet cleanse. You figured that this provided them with the results and therefore it must do the same for you. 


You also believe that you need to follow a strict pre-determined meal plan that will help you get rid of the unwanted fat. Rather, you found that this entire tactic left you feeling stressed and unmotivated. Heck, all of your weight loss attempts made you feel disappointed in yourself. Like as if you can’t even lose the weight, it’s on you FOREVER.


Eating the right foods, and doing the right things goes much further than that. Stress and external lifestyle factors could be PREVENTING your body on the inside from absorbing what you need to gain the energy. Yes, eating the right foods certainly supports it but that’s not everything. These attempts didn’t work not because of you. Instead, it’s because you didn’t have the right plan and strategy to keep you motivated, and feeling great. 



There is a Solution

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The Wellness Freedom Method

It’s time to stop struggling with your weight and gain the confidence you need to achieve your nutrition goals. You’re done with feeling like you’ve lost the battle to weight loss and willpower to move forward. The lack of energy, restless nights and digestive comfort that prevents you from living your best life has to go. And it can with my Four Pillars.

Four Pillars

The Foundation of The Wellness Method

Roadmap Strategy

Need help identifying where to go? The Wellness Freedom Method provides just that. Through the sessions, unlimited support and assessments, you'll have the plan laid out.

Partner Coaching

I'm 110% vested in working WITH you. This comes with the highest level of encouragement and accountability. Each goal is evaluated and assessed based on what you want to accomplish.

Bird'e Eye View Assessment

We are going to know where to start because you will have the right assessments to evaluate where the gaps are. Which will tell us why you have a lack of energy, motivation and difficulty with weight loss.

Nutrition Confidence Building

Each session is designed to build on top of the other so that you can make decisions that will give you food freedom and satisfaction that you're provding your body what it needs.

Imagine This Now...

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VIP Strategy

Work one-on-one with Registered Dietitian Christa and get the highest level of support that is 100% personalized for you

What’s Included

  • Initial 60-Minute Call
  • Six Biweekly Coaching Calls
  • Customized Wellness Plan 
  • Unlimited Chat Access Via Better Practice App
  • Twelve-Weekly Task Reminder Checkins
  • Access to Private Facebook Group 

BONUS:  Free 7-day meal plan that meet your specific calorie needs and taste preferences




Minimums Apply

Email Coaching

You still get to work with me and get the same level of care but through email! Instead you will get video and audio messages from me to help keep you on track 
What’s Included: 

  • Weekly Video Message Coaching
  • Customized Wellness Plan
  • Unlimited Chat Access Via Better Practice App
  • Six-Weekly Task Reminder Checkins 

BONUS: Free Access to my 28-Days to Zap Stress and Improve Digestion Group Program
Minimums Apply

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