I'm Christa, your new blood sugar bestie.

There is true freedom in letting go the need to be perfect. The kind of perfectionism that turns into an all-or-nothing mentality and limits you from the success you CAN have in your health and wellness.

It paralyzes us from staying consistent or prevents us from getting started. Having someone by your side, who understands exactly what you're going through is what you need. I know each and every step to weight loss, lowering your blood sugar, and obliterating self-sabotage by utilizing therapeutic strategies that can reverse it all.

There is so much more to nutrition than just slapping together a list of all the things to do. I want to get to KNOW you so that we can personalize the approach that considers your body, mind and soul in diabetes management, weight loss and food. These same strategies have helped my clients lower their A1C's, reduce the emotional and physical weight AND graduate from my programs with confidence not needing me anymore! 


Are you struggling with where to begin and how to set realistic nutrition and fitness goals without giving up the foods you love most? Tired of being LOADED with info from google on all the things "you must do?" Let's create your step-by-step plan.

Today I can finally say that my prediabetes is reversed!

work with me

I focus on sound bites of information that turn into activities, and goals that can be met. Those are affectionately called my ‘Daily 5’s’ for blood sugar! Every client receives the foundation of my programs through my customized app where you will have tasks, protocols, short video modules, worksheets and meal plans. During each individual session we discuss progress, room for improvement with a heavy emphasis on celebrating the little achievements. We even address the practical bits such as creating YOUR meal plan together. Literally, we are creating your recipes starting with session 2 or 3 - If we decide one on one sessions are for you. 


At a young age, Christa recognized the benefit that food had on her performance as a runner. Today, she's a little spit-fire grabbing the newest seasoning blend from her travels and whipping them up in a dish that provides nourishment, balance and flavor! She absolutely is ignited by her passion and how it has helped so many improve performance, diabetes and create sustainable improvements for her clients mind, body and soul.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Street Cred


Over the last decade Christa has created and designed programs that yielded financial profitability and improved delivery through mastering the craft of precision development by building authentic relationships. She's created two online nutrition programs, provided consultant work for Beachbody Inc., designed 100+ recipes for a weight loss app and fully accredited an educational program meeting the United States Department of Education. 

- sugar solution member

Christa helped me lower my A1C from a dangerous 14% to 8% in just 4-months. She focuses on the proportion of meals and never said to me, you can’t ever have those foods. Which was huge for me.


"Christa is amazing! I have seen an improvement in the way I am working out and have a better understanding of my food intake and what it does for my body. Personally, it was difficult for me to calculate how many calories I should be eating based on my activity level. I feel more energized and satisfied throughout the day. I highly recommend."


"Christa goes beyond just-food. She focuses on how food makes you feel and its nutritional value to you as an individual. She focuses on building healthy relationships with ALL FOOD making it so there is no bad or good food. I definitely recommend working with Christa at any stage that you are in in your journey."


"Christa has been very helpful with how I manage my food in order to reach my goals. She is always positive and informative and I enjoy our sessions together because she makes sharing my concerns and ideas very comfortable."


"Because of Christa, I've learned that taking care of myself now is so important for the long term help. My digestion has significantly improved since she has helped me put more focus on reducing stress and being kinder to my body. She is wonderful."


"I have struggled with my relationship with and my body for as long as I can remember. The starting point of my journey began with signing up with Christa, and I am so grateful I did. I thought an ordinary dietitian would give me a meal plan, tell me how to lose weight, etc. However, Christa is anything BUT ordinary. She is not just a dietitian, but a healer, a therapist, and now a friend."


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