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Are you Stressed Out All the Time at the Idea of a Nutrition Plan?

Tired of Googling yet again another "Best Weight Loss Nutrition Diet Plan?"

Are you Lacking the Energy and Motivation to Move Forward because You Struggle with Comparison?

Worried That You're Going to Try Another Attempt and Fail, Again?

Key Benefits to Working with Christa

Key Benefits

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Christa Brown Dietitian

Hi, There!
I'm Christa

A practicing dietitian for nearly a decade who is constantly inspired by her clients to develop a program that fits them like the “magic slipper” in Cinderella. She is ignited with a passion to help men and women develop a nutrition plan that fights inflammation, increases energy and promotes healthful weight loss so that they you can live your best life filled with all things you most enjoy. Come learn more about who Christa is and how food freedom and nutrition confidence is at the core of her programs.

Here you will find support, inspiration and monthly  wellness challenges to give you a place to start your journey towards nutrition confidence and food freedom

“Christa, I actually enjoy our nutrition appointments. You target things beyond just a meal plan, that I didn’t even realize I needed to address first.”

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