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November 1, 2023

Your Mind Says: It’s Really You, Why Bother? Diabetic Mavericks Series for Healing Binges

Table of Contents

In today’s episode we are delving into retraining our minds, breaking free from those negative beliefs that hold us captive.

Meet Sarah, who endured a painful past of emotional abuse and neglect, seeking comfort in food, leading to type 2 diabetes. Her core belief of unworthiness kept her stuck. Yet, Sarah discovered her strength as a VP, showing compassion at work. She realized her body deserved care, and so do you.

(0:22) We want to retrain out mind to challenge these negative core beliefs that cause us to binge eat by using an example
(0:34) Meet Sarah 
(0:56) Sarah realized she’s been stuck in a cycle of binge eating with her new type 2 diabetes diagnosis 
(01:34) Identify the offending belief 
(01:49) Identify where this offending/negative core belief started 
(03:00) Working with a therapist and dietitian can then help you challenge that negative core belief testing the true reality of the situation 
(03:23) Sarah identified her negative core belief and realized instead of everything she accomplished

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