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Was your recent doctor’s visit accompanied by an increase in medication, new medication, a new diabetes diagnosis and/or a recommendation to lose weight and exercise more? Meanwhile, you have intense cravings and a lack of energy making that all seem quite impossible.

What is it like to work with me? I’m not your typical healthcare professional. In our first session, we’re going to simply get to know each other. I want you to feel safe and comfortable. Watch Below!

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How Do We Maintain Blood Sugar Control?

In working with me, you’re not only going to talk about balancing your nutrition & movement but how to move past triggers that evoke cravings, overeating and even binging. Then, combined with support through our community you will feel empowered through encouragement & positive reinforcement. It’ll be amazing because the final step will leave you feeling free with the tools to make you consistent, for life.

Let’s Break Down the Process

Step 1

We will use forms to identify medically where you want to make improvements. This includes an analysis of your current blood work, nutrition history, and various environmental factors. Plus, we will just learn about each other to develop rapport and comfort.

Step 2

Do you stress eat? Have emotional traumas that led you to turn to food? In this portion, we reflect on past experiences and are often left with a reflection exercise on the initial cause of some of our habits. This is where we understand WHY this might cause erratic blood sugars, cravings, and weight gain.

Step 3

You’ll have me in our 1:1 and/or the Sugar Solution support group to further motivate and encourage you based on the goals we set for optimal blood sugar control, weight, and mindset. We will also identify other healthcare professionals, family, and friends to support you in this process.

Step 4

Here we talk about the practical tools that help manage your blood sugar. We go over nutrition myths, movements, stress management, and tracking methods that provide positive reinforcement that will encourage you to continue. This also includes ENJOYING foods you love & learning how your unique body responds.

Step 5

Finally we take what we’ve learned over months number 1 to 12 and test out what works best. Here you’re guided to put the 500-piece puzzle together and build true resilience to healing. You’ll also see your cravings reduced, reduction in weight, and improvements in energy. All of which leaves you feeling empowered.

Patient Goal Outcomes

90% reduce or eliminate overeating, cravings and binges

90% achieve their blood sugars between 80-130mg/dL fasting, and under 180 mg/dL 2-hours post a meal 80% of the time

90% see a trend downward of their A1C within 3-months

We determine a routine and plan that you feel confident about and can target 75% of the time

Patients With an A1C That Trended Downward

“Your approach met me where I’m at. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be eating and staying away from all carbs. My A1C went from 6.5% to 5.7% and I can’t believe it.”

“My blood sugars used to be all over the place. Im a competitive athlete and didn’t realize that I was just simply not eating enough and you taught me how to dose my energy to reach optimal performance. Now, I hardly have a blood sugar go above 130 fasting and very seldom above 180 after a meal.”

“Our goals are very reaonable. You’re not asking me to kill myself in a workout, I have never worked out but have been able to devote 15-minutes as often as I can and I’ve lost 17 pounds without you telling me to eat bland diet food and stay away from carbs. I know there is still more work to do but I’m happy with even reducing my A1C from a 6.5% to a 6.3%.


Other Patient Successes

Testimonial Quote
Amanda B.
I have been working with Christa for the past 9 months. I have worked with other dietitians in the past and it just never worked out since I am a complete junk food junkie. Working with Christa has been a complete game changer! She has helped me make healthy changes that I can live with without completely eliminating the food that I love. I absolutely hated vegetables when I began working with her but now I actually love eating many different vegetables and look for ways to add them into my meals. I was all about refined carbs, sugar, and soda. Now I drink mostly water, have some sugar throughout the day and eat healthier. With Christa’s help I have lost 29 pounds, got pregnant with twins through IVF, and lowered my A1C from 8.5 to 5.6! I am so glad to have found her because she has shown me that I don’t have to eat bad tasting food and give up everything that I love in order to be healthy. I am thankful that she has helped me in so many ways. She doesn’t just deal with food either, she actually cares how each person is feeling and is very helpful when going through life’s trials. If you choose to work with Christa, you will not regret your decision she will help you more than you can ever imagine. Thank you Christa for everything you have done and continue to do.
Testimonial Quote
Yanahi F.
I found Christa when I was on the border of pre diabetes and I wanted to get healthier to get pregnant. For our surprise it happened sooner than expected. Christa worked with me during my pregnancy and my scary gestational diabetes (was super managed thanks to the menus and nutritional changes that she helped me with). We are so Thankful for all the help and guidance that she gave us, for helping us have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby boy.
Testimonial Quote
Patricia G.
Christa has been very helpful with how I manage my food in order to reach my goals. She is always positive and informative and I enjoy our sessions together because she makes sharing my concerns and ideas very comfortable. She has an optimistic attitude and never fails to ask me how I am every time we meet. I also like how she shows great interest in gathering my data as a resource for our future sessions and always looks back on the information that I give her in the decisions and practices, we decided to make or alter.