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Get rid of sugar cravings and feeling like your diabetes has control over you.

What you need is to feel energized and develop simple yet powerful strategies that will bolster you to feel free. Plus, have a community behind you.

Are you worn out by the continual cycle where you strive to stick to a no-carb diet and regular exercise, only to be consistently challenged by overpowering cravings and frequent binge eating?

Going to your doctor to find that your blood sugar keeps getting higher and higher, and your weight is slowly creeping up all the while you feel like you’ve tried everything.

Every book, doctor, google search says something different. And you’ve tried everything to get your A1C below 5.7%. Even cut out all the carbohydrates, done intermittent fasting and gone vegetarian.

But none of it has worked. As a matter of fact your weight has gone up and your blood sugars are even more out of control.

“I’ve gone from a 6.5% A1C to 5.7% and wouldn’t have gotten here if it weren’t for you. I now know what I need to do for my body and don’t feel restricted and lost.”

~Patient of Christa in her 1:1

This trickles into your confidence and your believed ability to actually set a plan that will normalize your hormones so that your sugar can be lower.  You always start off with a bang hitting all your goals but then it starts to wane. You wonder WHY does food have such control over me? 

You start to go down the rabbit hole of all the medications you’ll have to start taking, you don’t want to, but then state what’s the point since you can’t seem to be in control. And let’s not even get started with the bloating and feeling no energy to do anything.

Are you stressed?

No energy at 12PM?

You need a day by day plan and even a professional in the beginning so that you’re sure to unlearn these “bad habits.” 

Better yet, is there anyone else who’s going through the same thing as you? Cause this path feels pretty lonely.

Sugar Solution Will Help With the Following…

Enjoy more foods

“I kept reducing all the foods I loved, especially carbs and it made my blood sugar worse! But once I learned how to eat, my blood sugars went in range.”

Reduce medications

“I can’t believe I’m having the conversation to reduce my metformin medication and now not worrying about having to go on insulin.”

Communicate with your Doctors

The data that we collect enables you to communicate with your doctors. Especially when it comes to tweaking [or reducing] your medication.

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Provide Community

This program is a little different in that it provides weekly prompts that engage you with the information and others who are struggling alongside of you.

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Understand diabetes

“It’s not all about having no carbohydrates and exercising every single day. It’s understanding how my unique body responds to the foods I’m eating and I’ve learned how diabetes treats my body and finally have a say in it.”

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Reduces information overload

This program gives you just what you need in sound bites. Plus 5-minute activites to help you apply the information. It makes diabetes management less daunting and stressful.

Our initial step involves comprehending the source from which these binge episodes stem. Are you grappling with emotional distress, where food effectively serves as a means to divert your attention from the sensations arising from a distressing divorce, instances of sexual abuse, or [insert your specific emotion]?”

Once you’re given a safe space to communicate and explore your connection to food, your body, your environment and emotions, can we then begin to help your blood sugar. 

Together we will build fierce confidence and consistency. We have weekly activities to implement the “food” and “blood sugar” side but then also monthly community sessions to target the “heart” side.

THIS lowers blood sugars, potentially reverses diabetes, improves energy and provides digestive relief. 

In 60-days my Sugar Solution™ will lay the foundation to help you understand your blood sugar and yourself. And it will be simple and clear so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed with a TON of information.


  • This program is designed to create a safe space where community helps you to feel supported 
  • Your health insurance doesn’t cover unlimited visits & you want more hands on care without a tremendous expense
  • You need daily structure and want to start with the basics to diabetes nutrition
  • You like the accountability and support from a group
  • You have limited time because your so busy
  • You’re looking for affordability


  • You don’t like the support group style [even though this isn’t a necessity to attend group sessions]
  • You’re not ready to commit to 30 minutes a day to the activities
  • You don’t like daily structure
  • You want more 1:1 support [if that is the case you can reach out here to work with me individually]

Inside you will have a DAILY action plan that cuts through the confusion of blood sugar management.

In a world filled with low-carbohydrate diets, cleanses, intermittent fasting plans and doctors providing TWO minutes of nutrition help you need something that just tells you what you need for right now so that you can branch off into a sustainable plan.

The video modules are less then 5-minutes and condense the information to prevent overwhelm.

The daily 60-day action plan provides structure so that you can build upon your new knowledge. This also allows you time to reflect and figure out

What Does the Community Look Like?

There will be guided discussions that prompt your learning experience within Sugar Solution. This is the private community found within the members-only portion of the program. You’ll be given daily reminder threads that support your learning throughout the week and it helps you to “flex” your new education muscles.

Plus, it brings together a community of others going through the same struggles so that you don’t feel like the only one.

Inside my 60-day Sugar Solution program you will get: 

  • On-Demand Video Classes that are 5-minutes or less so that you can watch and learn at your own pace
  • Four Live Monthly Q&A Calls hosted by Christa your diabetes expert
  • 60- daily guided learning plan that helps guide you in your learn and action plan
  • Unlimited Access to a Private Community Chat Group for peer-to-peer support with accountability posts
  • Guided Community Chat Discussion that help engage you with the material and other peers with questions being answered by Christa your diabetes expert
  • Bonus Digital Cookbook for quick meals that help you apply the fundamentals to your plate
  • Bonus Eating Out Guide for when you want frozen meals
  • Bonus Movement/Exercise Library filled with Christa’s favorite 15-minute YouTube

No more thoughts of failure.

When you develop a powerful foundation to developing a SYSTEM that gets you 1% closer to reduced sugar cravings, improved energy, and a powerful habit-building system it will leave you feeling free and empowered.

You my friend will REVERSE sugar highs that improve weight & give you the freedom of choice. 

The Intoductory Rate is $99


Can I purchase this program and still schedule a private session with you? 

Of course! You would just click here to schedule a session with me.

I have health insurance. Does this cover it? 

At this time, this program is a digital offering with a group component that cannot be covered at this time. However, you can use your HSA for this!

What if I can’t attend the live calls? 

We record them and post them in the Practice Better community by adding new modules with the recordings.

What do you do during the live sessions? 

These live sessions are designed to fortify your mind towards positive thinking. Below is the structure I use in my 1:1 and community sessions. These live sessions fortify the Basic Needs (the modules provide education and reflection), and the community provides positive reinforcement to support our psychological needs so that we can find ourselves growing. This provides consistency.

I really need more support, do you offer 1:1 sessions?

I do but have limited availability however, you just need to check my calendar here and schedule an appointment.